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Sorry, Amazon, But Forbes Feels That Microsoft Is The World’s #1 Cloud Vendor–Here’s Why

A very solid perspective on how Forbes views the Cloud vendors. I can’t agree more…


Azure Resources for Microsoft Partners

Below you will find several excellent resources that Microsoft Partners can use to boost their skillset on Azure:

Microsoft’s View of the Future Workplace is Brilliant, Here’s Why

Forbes viewpoint on the Microsoft vision for the workplace of the future; read it here.

February 2015 Microsoft Partner Readiness Update

For information about on-demand and self-paced training options, download our Partner Readiness guide

Microsoft Solutions in the Magic Quadrant

Here’s a very interesting look at where MSFT sits in the famed Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Multiple models for building apps in Azure

A terrific graphic for you to look at that explains multiple ways to build apps in Azure. You can find it here.

Azure growth surges vs. Amazon

The latest in cloud growth shows Azure growing faster then AWS. Read the article in Forbes, here.